BCSF is searching for “63 Stars”!


Wouldn’t it be nice to help teachers, students and schools every month?


*You can help BCSF kick start new programs like “Lightning Grants” to provide teachers with “lightning fast funds” for additional resources needed to develop exciting new classroom experiences for students at every grade level.  


*You, and/or your company, can help by making a pledge of only $20/month for one year OR a one-time donation of $240 OR create your own amount in the month of November to participate in the BCSF “63 Stars” Campaign.


*When 63 Stars like you make a pledge during November, BCSF will raise over $15,000 to fund all those brilliant ideas that make a huge impact on young minds! And it gets even better...your donation will be doubled or more by local foundations!


*YOU will help students have new experiences inside and outside of the classroom with your pledge today!