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Coming in 2023-2024: High School Student Philanthropic Ambassadors Program

The school foundation staff and board believe in the power of
philanthropy to make a positive impact in the community. And we
believe in the power of our young people to inspire positive change.

The school foundation will offer mentorship and sponsorship (up to $500) for student-driven philanthropy projects. Check back for details.

The goals of this program are:

-To guide and mentor students in philanthropic career exploration, program requirements, agency reporting, and best practices

-To provide experience and knowledge about careers in philanthropy

-To address a need or to raise awareness about an issue

The program requirements are:

-Students must be BCSC students grades 9-12

-Senior projects are not eligible; this grant is for individual philanthropic goals; goals that support BCSC schools and students are preferred


-Student must provide list of costs associated with project before grant is offered

-Students must be ready to write content for web and social media pages

-The project must not discriminate against or exclude anyone

-Student must write a report, thank you letters to donors, and acknowledge the school foundation sponsorship in all communications.

-Student must have regular meetings with BCSF staff or board mentor.

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