Investing in brighter futures for all!

We support BCSC and its mission. We believe in the power of: Partnerships, Collaborations, Innovations, Inclusiveness and Diversity.

The Foundation has adopted broad goals that include: Improved literacy for all students and improved and expanded experiences for all high school students.

The Foundation has broad community financial support for its projects. Each year it reaches out to private individuals, businesses, and charitable foundations to help fund its activities. These contributions have enabled the Foundation to consistently support scholarships and a wide range of “Bright Ideas” grants.


To support the work of BCSC and by promoting awareness and philanthropy for programs that help students achieve educational excellence.


All Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation students are achieving their full potential as learners.


We support BCSC and its mission. We believe in the power of: Partnerships, Collaborations, Innovations, Inclusiveness and Diversity.



Suzi Bruin

Executive Director


Suzi has shown a deep love and dedication to children and education since moving to  Columbus in 2012 with her husband, Bret, and two children; Will and Brooke. Working as the Project Manager at CSA Lincoln, Suzi formed many valuable partnerships in the community to help students have meaningful experiences and access to additional opportunities. She continues to support the BCSC staff and students on a much larger scale now as the Executive Director of BCSF since October of 2016. She brings an enthusiasm and creativity to BCSF that inspires others to reach for the stars!


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Our Foundation began with a small innovative group of citizens passionate about education. Through their passion, they created the Columbus School Foundation on November 16, 1955 and began providing private funding to enrich students educational experiences. The original 15 visionaries of the founding board included: Mary Bottorff, Robert Brown, Lowell Engleking, Lewis N. Essex, Louise Fish, Muriel Hamilton, Jane Kinney, W.R. Law, Jr., L.A. Lockwood, John Marshall, Xenia Miller, J.P. Reeves, A.D. Silva, Jr., W.L. Wissman and Florence Zaring.


After 11 years, the public schools in the area combined to form the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation under a new single administration. To continue the School Foundation’s show of support, the Foundation changed its name to the Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation, also known as BCSF. In the first 40 years alone, BCSF awarded more than $1,000,000 to various projects serving the students of the Bartholomew County area!

We are proud to continue the founding board’s vision for creativity and innovation each year through grants, scholarships and awards. In 2018, BCSF embarked on a journey seeking growth to create more impact opportunities for educators and students. We hope you will join us during this exciting time!


Sydell Gant

BCSC Taylorsville Elementary

Todd Grimes

BCSC School Board

Dr. Laura Hack 

BCSC Administration

Dr. Tami Iorio

Northside Pediatrics

Megan McGriff

Toyota Material Handling


Shyamala Raghunathan

Self-employed, Career Practitioner


Dr. Jim Roberts

BCSC Superintendent


Mike Schubel

Retired Cummins Engine Works



Mike Jamerson

Retired BCSC Technology Director

BCSF President


Michelle Findley

Voelz, Reed, & Mount

BCSF Vice President

Amy Dixon

Northside Middle School

BCSF Secretary

Adam Schumm

Cummins Inc.

BCSF Treasurer

Josh Burnett 

BCSC Communications Coordinator

Tanya Ely

Community Development Chair

JoAnne Flohr 

Community Advocate