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Donors Choose


Donors Choose is a grant program that puts the power in teachers' hands to request classroom project materials and have the Donors Choose team shop, then ship items right to your school! With just a few simple steps, teachers can request funding for projects, and BCSF will match the request dollar for dollar. Click on this link to request funding: 

Once a project is published and funded, the vision becomes a reality in the classroom! 


"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to BCSF for their unwavering support in funding and choosing projects throughout the years. I have been employed by BCSC for 22 years and have also served as a Prek teacher for 2 years. The projects that have been made possible through the funding and donations from BCSF have truly made a significant impact on my students' learning.I have had the opportunity to implement various projects, such as science, STEM, dramatic play, sensory activities, loose parts, and games. Each dollar donated and matched by BCSF is greatly appreciated. The smiles on my students' faces are a testament to how much your support means to them and their education. Once again. Thank you sincerely." 

-Doris Hooker, Busy Bees

BCSC district policy 6605 requires that anyone considering Donors Choose or other crowdfunding sources seek project approval from their building principal. Technology specific requests should be double checked with the BCSC Technology office. 

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